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FAQs [Defect/Sample Sale]

Will the item last?

Rest assure, each item has been carefully vetted and only items that are in working condition are placed on sale. In fact, all items under the defect/sample sale have minor flaws that are hardly noticeable - some are even brand new!

Does the item come with any warranty?

All watches sold under the Defect / Sample Sale come with 7 days warranty from the date of order received — warranty solely covers mechanism defect. Visual imperfections and other defects are not covered under the 7 day warranty.

Can I choose either defect/sample item for my purchase?

With the high volume of sales expected, we would not be able to fulfill this request so as to avoid any packing and delivery delays. 

Can I personalise the item?

Yes, you may add a touch of personalisation on any leather strap or wallets here.