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Product Care & Maintenance


  • Simply use a dry piece of cloth to wipe off any debris and dust. 
  • Use a wet piece of cloth to clean away stubborn stains – Wipe down with a dry piece of cloth thereafter. 
  • We do not recommend user to take the watch into the pool, shower, hot tub or sauna. 
  • Ensure that crown is fully engaged at all times before making contact with any water. 
For more information with regards to PLAIN SUPPLIES Watch Warranty, kindly visit our Warranty page here
All jewellery will tarnish (oxidisation) over time, but it will happen much faster when it comes into contact with external agents – Perfume, cream, etc.

We recommend the following steps to prolong the shine and to prevent tarnish (oxidisation) 

  •  Avoid excessive friction
  •  Avoid all Chemicals Contact
  • Avoid Abrasive Contact to prevent scratches
  • Remove all your jewelry before bathing, sleeping or swimming
  • Cleaning the surface soon once it contact with the organic liquid(like juice,soup)
  • Sealed storage after cleaning 



PLAIN SUPPLIES products subject to a strict standard. Marks or irregularities in our leather can appear as these are naturally occurring features and should not be thought of as imperfections.

- Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes, make up products and light coloured garments
- If the leather item should come into contact with water, please use a cloth and a dab motion to clean away.
-Avoid contact with any commercial liquids meant for other use.
-Avoid contact with any abrasive objects.


For more information with regards to PLAIN SUPPLIES Wallet Warranty, kindly visit our Warranty page here



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