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Inspired by simple living and essentials, we create timeless products designed for everyday carry.

At PLAIN SUPPLIES, we aspire to become

a premier lifestyle brand that embraces simplicity as a way of life.

Where we believe that products ought to be crafted with simplicity, functionality, and design in mind.

Drawing inspiration from the tenets of minimalism and the necessity of everyday essentials, we craft enduring items tailored for everyday use.

Our Story

In 2015, PLAIN SUPPLIES was founded, marking the inception of the brand's journey. With a vision to provide quality accessories, a range of unisex watches and bracelets.

The Everyday Watch on Kickstarter

We embarked on a new chapter by launching The Everyday Watch on Kickstarter. This innovative timepiece featured three interchangeable straps, offering versatility and style for everyday wear.

The campaign achieved full funding within just 17 hours and garnered significant attention and support from backers worldwide. This success also opened doors to new opportunities for the brand.



In honour of the iconic Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary, PLAIN SUPPLIES proudly unveils its exclusive limited-edtion collaboration with Disney Singapore.

The collection showcases PLAIN SUPPLIES distinct minimalist identity, while incorporating the iconic silhouette of Mickey to your everyday timepiece.


Diversifying our Range

Responding to the evolving needs and preferences of our customers and building on our foundation of minimalist watches and bracelets, the brand embarked on a new chapter by introducing leather wallets to its product lineup.


With each passing year, we continued to refine our product offerings, introducing new designs and styles to cater to the ever-changing preferences of its clientele. From minimalist rings to statement necklaces, the brand's accessory lineup continued to grow, cementing our position as a go-to destination for quality fashion essentials.


Today, PLAIN SUPPLIES stands as a comprehensive destination for modern lifestyle essentials, boasting an extensive array of customisable watches, accessories, and personalised goods.

Our product lineup extends beyond traditional accessories to encompass lifestyle staples such as reusable bottles, versatile phone slings, and tech essentials like phone cases, MagSafe wallets, and AirPods cases. Notably, our best-selling Apple Watch straps continue to captivate customers with their blend of style and functionality. Embracing innovation, we've recently introduced sunglasses into our latest product offerings, further enhancing our commitment to providing our discerning clientele with timeless pieces that seamlessly integrate into their modern lifestyles.


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