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Annual letter from the team — Thank you for 2020.

Annual letter from the team — Thank you for 2020.

Hello there,

It felt like it had been 3 months since we penned our 2019 Thank You letter — Where did all the time in 2020 flew by? 
First and foremost, we'd like to thank every single one of you for being a part of our humble community and sticking with us through this journey. Amidst these trying and challenging times, we are truly grateful for all the support, along with notes of encouragement we've received throughout this year.

This time last year, many of us were happy and hopeful, celebrating the turn of a decade and looking forward to a brighter 2020. Now as we approach the new year, it’s hard to believe just how arduous of a year 2020 has been for so many. 

2020 was a hard-reset for everyone in the team. Circumstances taught us to take account of what really matters and find gratitude in the simple things in life that we often overlook in a pre-Covid world.

Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve you and the opportunity for us to grow! It's a promise from the team that we'll never stop listening to you guys and we'll continue to work and conceptualise a better version of PLAIN SUPPLIES to greet you, in the coming 2021.

In May this year, we decided to reach out to you guys through our first ever Brand Perception survey. Few hundreds of you guys from all over the globe participated  and the team was overwhelmed and beyond grateful by the responses. We got to understand you better and listen to your concerns and feedback — So here's sharing with you some of our plans and insights for the upcoming year!

New Product Offering — Bags

Through the responses gathered from the survey, 43% of you guys shared that you'd like to see us produce 'Bags' as one of our future product offerings — Here's a piece of good news, we listened and we're acting on it! The team is currently in the R&D phase working on our upcoming bag release and we can't wait to share more details with you guys as we work down the design development process. And incase you're wondering — Yes, it'll be unisex! 


In Q3 this year, we introduced a new product category in our Contemporary Classics collection — Rings. We're very grateful for the overwhelming response and support for the collection! You guys want more and we're definitely working to add more designs to our future ring collections. Stay close!

In the meantime, if there is anything you'd like to share with us, or for us to improve on, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or simply slide into our inbox through our socials. Even if it's just a "hello", we'd love to have a casual chat with you!

Hello to our Malaysian friends!

In our 'Thank You' letter we penned last year, we mentioned about wanting to bring the brand physically to our neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia — However, that didn't quite worked out as planned.

Nevertheless, we got to touch base with more of you guys from Malaysia and we're thankful for that! Even though we wish to be able to meet you guys personally in Malaysia, it is beyond our means, given the present situation of the pandemic. We hope to be at a store near you and we're always available 24/7 for you online with free shipping on all Malaysian orders!

Trying times for the team

Last but not least, this year we mentioned about wanting to get more personal with you guys. So we wanted to take this chance to share with you some of the struggles we faced as a business in Singapore. 

As many of you may have already know, the retail sector round the globe has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic. And as the pandemic continue to plague the sector, many businesses struggle to stay afloat and have unfortunately been forced to shutter their stores. Unfortunately, with the closure of two of our retail partners and pop-ups being put off indefinitely, we're unable to be as accessible to you as we'd love to.
We understand that many of you would love to try on our products before purchasing. We do hope to be able to serve you guys at pop-ups in the future but in the meantime, you may find our products at our following retail partners. We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our retail partners for supporting us in this journey! Because of them, we're able to reach out to you through offline retail.

Now that we're literally at the end of the finishing line, ready to start on a new chapter, we'd like to put some of the difficult episodes and cases of bad debts behind us.

Despite the bumpy ride, we come in to our studio everyday feeling inspired, ready to do better than we did yesterday. As a lean team, we thank you for your patience with us. We're motivated to learn to serve you better. We are committed and we will continue to invest in our products, content, customer service and experience — These will always be our priority.

Once again, we are very grateful for your continued patronage, we wouldn’t be here without you — Thank you. 

From the team at PLAIN SUPPLIES, we wish you a very happy and joyous new year! Stay safe. 

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