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Collection Lookbook: Wallet 2.0

Collection Lookbook: Wallet 2.0
 Bringing the everyday life of people into clean, functional and modernist designs, designed to accommodate your needs ahead of your wants. Modernising the idea of a traditional wallet, the collection comes in three slim wallet profiles.
Unlike most modern wallets that solely allocate slots for cards, the Wallet 2.0 collection is equally accepting of banknotes and even coins. With dedicated slots for cash, coins and RFID protection, the wallets are designed in a compact format without adding the bulk.
The renewed and upgraded collection is crafted with full-grain Italian leather with an improved texture to reduce the gloss on the leather to maintain the same dapper look from Day 1 to 1000.
A slim, minimalist wallet does not necessarily have space limitations, allocate space astutely and it becomes a feature. Accommodating anywhere between 4 to 10 cards, the wallets are available in different profiles — from cardholders to bifold wallets, there’s something for everyone.

KYL Bifold Cardholder Wallet 

KAS Cardholder Wallet

ELI Bifold Wallet
Improved design and structure, now measuring less than 2cm in thickness across, the wallets are designed to prevent pocket bulges. Fit 4 cards in the segregated card slots, keeping things organized and you wouldn’t be fishing through your wallet when you’re making a payment.

Eli Bifold wallet: Store as many as 5 cards that can be ejected using a retractable pull tab to help you separate the items you access more often from the ones that are important but needed less.

Concealed from view, the hidden coin compartment has been upgraded by increasing its flap size to securely store all coins and small items and for easy retrieval.

Each wallet comes with rugged, reinforced stitching to ensure it lasts for years and through the daily wear and tear. 

The wallet’s inherent RFID feature prevents one from falling victim to any unsolicited payments or digital fraud, as long as your cards are stored within the wallet.

Refresh your routine with our latest styles and colours designed to enhance your everyday.

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