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List of Defects - Watch

We are taking baby steps to reduce waste for this little less-than-perfect yet brand new products a new home.

All flaws presented below are based on our sincerest judgement. Kindly note that sale items comes with 1-3 of the mentioned flaws and it varies between items.
You may enjoy a larger discount on items with slightly more flaws. To note that watches are also paired with flawed straps according to the discount stated. Be rest assured that these flaws are not noticeable unless seen up-close and does not affect the longevity of the product.  


Minor Scratches on Buckle

Few Scratches on the Case Back

Bent Leather Strap

(watches were mount on the watch stands)

Dull Spots

Uncommon: Slight decolourisation on the underside of case body

(applies for Rose Gold Watches only)

Uncommon: Minor peeled coating on the underside

(applies for Gunmetal Watches only)

Please be informed that the flaws shown above may vary slightly between each item